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...removes TWICE as much water as spin dry!
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Model 76-3 Wringer
Nobody likes a drip. So we built a hand wringer that removes 90 percent of the water. Spin dry or automatic washers remove only 45 percent. Our Model 76-3 is great for bulky items such as towels. It's great for thin items (adjustable spin). And it's a necessary piece of equipment for the prepping community.

Where will you use our hand wringer? At garages, car washes, motels, swimming pools, hospitals and your home. Your chamois, towels, bathing suits, and other fabrics will have a longer life.

The Model 76-3 Wringer is virtually indestructible, featuring a rustproof, all-steel frame, steel tube handle, and zinc plated finish. Hard maple bearings never need oil. A single, adjustable screw supplies pressure at center of a flat, tempered steel spring balancing pressure over entire length of roll.

The hand wringer attaches to stationary or portable tubs (round or square). The clamps open to 1-3/4 inches, and is equipped with rolls 12-inches x 1-7/8 inches.

Lovell Wringers
Packed in individual cartons.
Shipping weight - 16 lbs.
To Our Customers:
Please understand this is a made-to-order item. We typically ship orders within one business week.

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